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 Daichi, Ookami [Tsuchikage]

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PostSubject: Daichi, Ookami [Tsuchikage]   Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:33 pm

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Name: Daichi, Ookami
Nindo: 'Intelligence, Trust and Strength. The key factors to success.'
Age: Thirty
Gender: Male

Physical Appareance

Standing at around six foot and three inches, Ookami is taller then most within his village and this also comes at a surprise as he has far exceeded both of his parents heights, even when at a young age. When viewing Ookami at such a height, one would imagine that he would be heavier then others in order to balance his body out, yet his weight is only around one hundred and seventy pounds, this is all down to the fact he was born with a high metabolism. Along with his tall and slim figure, Ookami will sometimes show his muscles which he must constantly work out for as he body is constantly eating away his energy.

Formal Attire

When out in public or on a formal outing, Ookami will be spotted with the traditional Tsuchikage clothing. The attire consists of a surprisingly long, creamy robe which covers his entire body and even keeps his own shoes hidden away under the robe. The beige coloured robe is quite plane in appearance, but it does feature a horizontal line that stretches from his knee and downwards, the colour is a shade of auburn which signifies the colours of Iwagakure. Along with his robe, he will be noticed with his auburn coloured hat, which blends with the robe. The hat does feature a small creamy coloured patch on which the word 'Earth' rests upon the front centre of the hat. Within the village, a Tsuchikage is never accepted by the village unless they are wearing the hat. It is an important symbol within Iwagakure.

Mission Attire

When given the chance to partake in a training session or on a rare occasion, a mission, Ookami will be wearing a full dark brown body suit. On top of the suit, dark blue armor is wrapped around the suit in order to protect himself further from damage. The reason for the colours is that his father was based around the element of Earth while his mother was based around the element of Water, thus the colours brown and blue. During the time in which he wears this suit, anyone will be able to see his unusual silver hair that he has adopted from his fathers side of the family. The reason for it being such a strange colour is unknown. To finish his mission clothing, he will also wear steel toe - capped boots and also feature a fingerless gloves on both hands.

Personality: Ookami's high value and need for organization, combined with his natural insightfulness, makes him an excellent Leader as well as a Medical Expert. Ookami gives an idea to his village by putting his ideas into a useful form for others to follow. It is not easy for Ookami to express his internal thoughts to others, as he only allows those closest to him to see his real emotions. However, Ookami is driven to translate his ideas into a plan or an action that is usually explainable to others, rather than leaving them lost in his trail of thoughts. He usually doesn't see the value of money, although he may originate from a wealthy background, he feels that money is meaningless in most cases and will usually over spend for something that is irrelevant. This can sometimes make him seem like a bad leader. However, his high respect for intelligence, trust and strength is what makes the villagers love Ookami so much that they keep him in power.

Ookami is a natural leader, he has been since birth and continues to be a leader today, he has no issue with getting his message or point of view across the table. When he is in his leadership role, he is quite effective at it, due to the fact he is able to see the reality of a situation, and is adaptable enough to change things which aren't working well. He is a supreme strategist, always scanning available ideas and concepts and weighing them against their current strategy, to plan for every conceivable action that may take place. This will also boost his plans during an operation, as at times so many errors could be made that could cost a life, it's important that he takes everything into account before he makes a decision.

At times people may see Ookami as a very secretive person, in fact he has been called a 'puppet' before, due to his emotions always being kept a secret from others. However, he has managed to prove these people wrong by taking on his own actions, including missions and operations. He has no one in his life in which he could share his emotions with, due to the many deaths he has encountered in life. This also seems to place him at a down side when it comes to women, as he never expresses how he feels about the woman he is meeting with. He lives a lonely life, yet he continues to live on for the sake of his village and for the sake of the Will of Earth.

Rank: Tsuchikage
Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Chakra Affinity: Doton no Jutsu
Second Chakra Affinity: Suiton no Jutsu
Third Chakra Affinity: Raiton no Jutsu
  • NinJutsu
  • IJutsu
  • FuuinJutsu

  • Kunai [x10]
  • Shuriken [x10]
  • Scrolls [x5]

Weapon: Handle
Name: Sono Tekigou Totte / The Adaptable Handle
Appearance: Handle
Rank: S
Special Abilites: The handle is able to absorb the chakra that the user is placing within it, the user is then able to manipulate the element of the chakra that is being placed within the handle. The shape of the Chakra will always be that of a blade which is around seventy - five centimeters in length. The stories of the handle say how giant blades of lightning have erupted from the handle, how tsunamis have been created due to the power of the handle and even that earthquakes have been silenced by the sheer strength of the handle.
Origin: The true origin is unknown, however, the legend states that the handle was crafted by the Great Sage himself.



Doton no Jutsu

Suiton no Jutsu

Raiton no Jutsu




The Birth of Ookami

Being originally born within the Land of Earth, both of Ookami's parents were extremely wealthy and popular across the entire region. His father had set up several mining industries that used hard working men and tools, while his mother had started a body guard business, in which the new career of Ninja were beginning to sprout up. Due to the Great Sage's influences in the world, both of the businesses were being effected greatly. His father was losing money due to the men swapping from mining to ninja, while his mother was beginning to see a rise in her business as more and more people wished for body guards of ninja status. Ookami's birth couldn't have come at a worst time, as the two had begun arguing over what they were to do with their first born child. Ookami's mother had hoped for him to train in the expertise of the Shinobi world whereas his father desired for him to become a Miner, much like he was in his younger years.

Neither of the two were ninja themselves, in fact, the only thing they knew about being ninja was actually their Chakra Nature. That being his father having Doton while his mother was Suiton. Aside from that, they were just normal citizens. Being at the age of only one, the two had finally finished their arguments over the future career of their son and had decided that they would allow Ookami to choose when he was at the right age. Thus the time for waiting began, Ookami's childhood was made up of either of his parents always trying to place bright ideas about their twos desires in life. It was merely a futile attempt for Ookami to favour one over the other. Although Ookami never saw it as that, he simply thought his parents were trying to offer the best future for him.

The time came when Ookami had reached the age of ten. Both felt that he was more then ready to decide on what future career he hoped for, in fact, to make the day even more important, they had decided to take a trip to their home village in order to make it a memorable day. The two simply wished to spend money, they never really cared where the place was. While on their journey, they had stopped mid - way for some unapparent reason. While his father went outside of the cabin to check on the rider of the horses, the sound of swords being drawn and screams could be heard throughout the entire area.

His mother was quick to shut the windows as her business had managed to hear the distinct sound of swords being drawn far too many times before. She knew what was out there and did not wish to interfere. Instead she left her husband to die outside while she curled up in a ball with Ookami in her hands, trying to protect him. What happened next to Ookami was simply a mystery, he somehow managed to fall asleep within his mothers arms and awoke within a room full of beds with children occupying them. He had found out that he was housed within a children's hospital. With the death of both parents and no other relatives being alive, he was left with the families entire wealth, land and all of it's riches. He was also left to live by himself, although the money would make it safe for him to live alone.

The Making of a Leadear

At the young age of twelve, Ookami had been adopted by a retired ninja, who was also known as quite a strong shinobi back in his day, however, due to time catching up with him, he was now just another old man. Fortunately for Ookami, he wasn't a loony one. As he had taken Ookami as one of his own and had also begun teaching him the ways of the ninja. Money was never an issue for the two, due to Ookami inheriting all of the wealth to his name, they were able to move to any location, invest in any property and even have any weapon they desired to be crafted.

During his teen years, Ookami had grown into a very independent child due to the teachings of his foster father. They had moved across the entire globe, seeing the sights of the wilderness to scaling the heights of mountains, they had even swam to the depths of the ocean. All of this was to improve Ookami's strength and wisdom, it seemed that all of the training had worked for he had in fact become a powerful ninja for his age. Being at the young age of fifteen, he had already unlocked three elements and had even began to create his own techniques.

With the creation of villages happening across the globe, his foster father thought it would be time to move back to the Land of Earth, in case anything were to occur. Due to the death of the Great Sage, peace was beginning to fall apart across the globe. More and more powerful ninja were being recognised, Ookami could've been with those list of people if it weren't for the fact that his foster father did not want him to become corrupt with revenge, fighting and anger. Instead he taught him to always love and respect others, but it seemed he had a hard time learning this for something was blocking his emotions, most likely the death of his parents.

The Crowning of a Leader

While living within the Land of Earth, Ookami's name was beginning to spread across the region. For he had begun to show many things within the minor villages that were dotted around the vast country. He had been the saviour to those who were being attacked by unlawful ninja, he had saved lives from fires that had been caused due to the heat of the sun, he had even found legendary items that were said to not even exist. With the creation of villages such as Konohagakure and Sunagakure, it was becoming more and more obvious that soon the Land of Earth would create it's own shinobi - inhabited village.

In order to spread his name further, Ookami began to spread his own message across, he called it the Will of Earth. His message was that in order for peace to be spread across the globe, then everyone must unit and have the factors of Intelligence, Trust and Strength. Only with these three ideas can true peace be made. This message was loved by all of the minor villages that were across the land, even the leader of the Country had grown fond of the phrase. It was with that phrase and with the reputation of Ookami that eventually, the Leader had approached him in search for the ninja village that they desired.

Having the reputation that he had, along with the legendary blades and being loved by many villages across the region, it was no surprise to Ookami that he was approached. He was more then happy to accept the position of being the Tsuchikage to the new village founded known as Iwagakure. It made perfect sense considering that Ookami also had a large fund within his hands that could be used to create this ultimate village within the Land of Earth, Ookami was also able to spread his message of the Will of Earth further with this new title gained. He managed to unit many Clans together, many villages and many citizens into one village. He had brought his family name fame once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Daichi, Ookami [Tsuchikage]   Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:12 pm

Very Well Made Profile.

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Daichi, Ookami [Tsuchikage]
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