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 New Chakra System; Chakra Points- READ! ((WIP))

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PostSubject: New Chakra System; Chakra Points- READ! ((WIP))   Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:36 pm

The amount of times you get people on a site over-use their chakra yet keep fighting is far too many to count. Most other chakra systems are complicated and unnecessary. So, the other Admins and I have discussed a new system that is easy to work and understand.
It's called the CP System; Chakra Point System.

((IMPORTANT POINT; When your CP hits 0, you are no longer able to fight. End of. You will be practically on the brink of death from over-use of chakra, and will have to spend 3 weeks (IC) recovering.))

A shinobi will start with the basic amount of chakra for their rank, the details of which can be found below. They can train themselves to increase their amount of chakra points using the correct amount of words to do so. Here are the starting chakra points for each ninja;

Genin- 100 CP
Chuunin- 200 CP
Jounin- 300 CP
SP. Jounin- 350 CP
ANBU- 450 CP
Kage/ S-Rank- 650 CP

The same chakra points apply for Missing Ninja at these ranks.

The amount of points for each rank of jutsu are listed below;

E-Rank (Academy Jutsu)- 1 CP
D-Rank- 5 CP
C-Rank- 10 CP
B-Rank- 20 CP
A-Rank- 40 CP
S-Rank- 60 CP

The following are the word counts in order to train more CP;

250 words = 10 CP
500 words = 25 CP
1000 words = 50 CP
1500 words = 75 CP
2000 words = 100 CP

The training for chakra points is usually meditation, or expanding your chakra nearly past its limits on multiple occasions for it to grow in amount. Mods and Admins monitor this training very carefully.


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New Chakra System; Chakra Points- READ! ((WIP))
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