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Welcome to our site, if you're looking to register in our site, or you already did, please go through this links to better understand our systems.

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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules    Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:02 pm

The rules have changed due to PN being under new management. Please, although the rules are basic, read them anyway. It is a requirement for ALL MEMBERS.

1. 'Trolling' will not be tolerated on this forum anymore. When a moderator or Admin tells somebody to stop being a 'troll', after that with no change of action they are authorised to ban. 'Trolling' ruins the fun of a roleplay site, and the victims of trolling will not come back.

2. No spam is allowed anywhere on this forum apart from in the designated area. If any spam is found outside of these areas, it will be deleted and you will get a warning from the moderator or Admin.

3. Down-right abuse without the joking tendancy will also not be tolerated; both in the chatbox or in topics.

4. Please do not harrass Admins or Mods about checking an app of yours. We have lives too, and we appreciate people who are patient. Remind us once in a while and we will get round to it.

5. If inappropriate behaviour comes up in the chatbox, a Mod or Admin has to warn the person three times before kicking. After this, no more warnings will be handed out. One more kick and then you're banned.

6. Just have fun! Roleplaying is a hobby and people are here to enjoy themselves. Please don't ruin it for those people.

Ami xxx


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Basic Rules
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