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 Point System

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PostSubject: Point System   Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:28 pm

Just like a lot of roleplaying forums now, we have a point system in place for members to buy items, weaponry and jutsu; the latter having a reduced word count for training. For weaponry and items, one can buy it straight away and use it. For jutsu, in essence it is like buying a scroll with instructions on how to use the jutsu. You read it in order to understand it better, and thus the training word count is cut down. The reading of a jutsu scroll is entirely metaphorical, of course.

So here's how it works;


E-Rank Weapons; These are next to nothing in terms of power. Basic ninja tools like kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, exploding tags etc come into this category. They are not really bought unless you wish to add more to your inventory.
Cost; 1 point a piece

D-Rank Weapons; Things like a simple katana with no abilities fit into this section.
Cost; 20 points

C-Rank Weapons; Swords with mild chakra-infused metal are a good example. They allow the user to channel one element through the blade, or pure chakra. After so much, the weapon becomes useless.
Cost; 35 points

B-Rank Weapons; This is when things start to get fancy. Puppets with basic hidden weapons, swords with better chakra-infused metal, reinforced chains and the like fit here.
Cost; 55 points

A-Rank Weapons; Another step up in power, and ever closer to the top spot in terms of weaponry. These types of weapons are not to be sniffed at. Puppets with better hidden weapons (such as poisoned senbon, retractable arms and such), bigger blades and big scythes are good examples.
Cost; 75 points

S-Rank Weapons; These are the creme de la creme of the weaponry world. And thus, they come with a high price. Top-notch puppets with multiple fancy gadgets, massive swords and the like fit here.
Cost; 100 points


E-Rank; Not even really worth buying. These jutsu are weak and very basic.
Cost; 1 point, no training

D-Rank; Although these are basic techniques, they are still worthy ones to be used in a fight by Genin.
Cost; 10 points, 100 words of training

C-Rank; These jutsu are the base standard for any ninja to use. They are mainly used by Genin, but higher ranks use them to preserve chakra when up against a weaker opponent for example.
Cost; 25 points, 300 words of training

B-Rank; The highest jutsu an experienced Genin can reach, and the base standard for Chuunin to use. These jutsu are getting more powerful and more deadly as it reaches the mid-point on the scale.
Cost; 45 points, 500 words of training

A-Rank; The highest jutsu an experienced Chuunin can reach, and the base standard for Jounin/ SP Jounin to use. These jutsu have deadly intent, and have become more intricate and complex, eating more chakra.
Cost; 65 points, 700 words of training

S-Rank; The highest jutsu rank reachable. Only very experienced Jounin, experienced ANBU and Kage standard shinobi can use these jutsu. They are made to kill, and eat up huge chunks of chakra.
Cost; 85 points, 1000 words of training

I hope the Point System is clear to everybody.


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Point System
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