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 Nara Chideha ((Done))

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PostSubject: Nara Chideha ((Done))   Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:58 pm

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Name: Nara Chideha ((People call him Cid))
Nindo: Always think things out, rationalize, but know that there are times when you must rush in.
Age: 21
Gender: Male

The glasses are for reading only

Personality: Cid is generally an even keeled individual who thinks things out thoroughly before going into action, however he also knows that you can't waste valuable time. He is a nerd of sorts who reads a lot, but it is practical reading, like strategy and history. He has a sense of humor and although it is uncommon he occasionally pulls pranks. He acts as though he's a total slacker, but in reality this is just because he gets his work done with insane speed and has a lot of time left. He is a very loyal individual and once he befriends somebody he will help them when they need it.

As a teacher he is relatively laid back, but does not tolerate disrespect from his students towards him. He is also good at training students in areas that will help them improve, not just areas that he is good at. He is also respectful to his opponents and does not tolerate people making light of death as he, like many other higher ranking ninja, has witnessed the death of multiple comrades. He can also be a little perverted though not really bad as his wife would beat him thoroughly. He also drinks and smokes but not in excess.

Village: Konoha
Chakra Affinity: Wind
Second Chakra Affinity: Earth
    [*Kenjutsu ((As in generic Weapons))]


Shuriken x16
Kunai x4
Senbon x10
Small Bells x4
Summoning Scrolls x3 ((Will list as jutsu))

Weapon: Katana
Name: Has no name
Appearance: Looks like a regular 30 inch katana with the sole exception that there is a circle of metal showing at the bottom of the handle.
Rank: E because it is jutsu dependent.
Special Abilites: He can use Shadow Shuriken Imitation on this weapon by putting his palm on the bottom of the handle. So if he stabs the opponents shadow with it they won't be able to move.
Origin: Chideha was given this by his father to congratulate him on becoming a jounin


Chideha was born to a normal family. His mother was like any other mother, if not a little more tempermental. His father was a pacifist, not wishing to fight, so he did not fight like most in the clan. When the great sage created ninjutsu his clan members picked up the art of Shadow techniques. While Chideha's father was not a fighter he picked up the most basic of these skills in case he was forced to fight.

By the age of 7 Chideha had already proven that he was going to be exceptionally intelligent. By age 8 he wanted to train so he could be cool like the ninjas of the village were. Since his father was not skilled at fighting, Chideha's uncle trained him. His intelligence also helped him in training as he picked things up at an incredible rate. It was a week before he turned 10 that his family let him enter the academy.

In the academy he quickly got the reputation as a slacker because he almost always had his head down as if he were trying to sleep, but whenever the teacher would ask him a question to prove he wasn't paying attention, he would answer it without having to ask what the question was. He excelled in both written and field tests and quickly succeded in becoming a Genin at the age of 10 almost 11. His Jounin Sensei was a skilled weapons master and also a no BS type of guy. Chideha saw it as an oppurtunity to learn of weapons as he had heard of a couple of variations of the shadow art that involved weapons so he sought out extra training from his Sensei. His sensei was impressed with Chideha as he learned quickly and consistently excelled in missions often coming up with better plans than his sensei could.

He was put into the Chuunin Exams the first year he was eligible. Of all the times for it to happen, he got chickenpox the day before the exam so he had to wait and take the exam that took place the year after. In the Chuunin exam he passed the exam with flying colors, not just with intelligence and the shadow art, but in one on one battles he made great use of weapons. At 13 he was now a full-fledged chuunin. Due to his young age and general real combat inexperience he was often sent to lead petty missions and he never got any hard ones until he was 15 because he never asked for them.

At the age of 15 he was sent to escort a minor lord of one of the smaller countries. Due to the country being smaller and relatively poor they did not give him what was thought to be great protection. They were only 15 minutes into the trip, outside of the village, when they were ambushed. Not by ninja from enemy countries, nor by rougue ninja, but by 5 Leaf ninja. In the group was 4 Chuunin and 1 Jounin. There was a look of shock in both sides faces and they stopped to talk before fighting.

Come to find out, the minor lord had actually came to the Leaf village with 2 hired assassins and they had murdered a couple of higher ups in another clan. As a result the ambushing group came out to get revenge on their own. Chideha told them to go to the village tell them what happened and then come back and tell them that their mission was off because due to the mission priority he couldn't just let the man be attacked, though if the allegations were true than he himself wanted to inflict some pain on the man. Of course the ambushing group was too blinded with rage to listen to Chideha and they tried to attack the man, but as they neared him Chideha threw out 5 shuriken and managed to land them in the ambushers shadows. Chideha had imbedded the shuriken with his shadow chakra and they couldn't move.

Chideha told his group to go on without him, but to hurry and they did as he knew the Jounin would likely break free soon. Shortly after they got out of site the jounin started to be able to move his arms. Chideha spoke to him telling him that if he would just go back to the village they could sort it out and get the man. He also told him to think of the negative political ramifications that would occur if he killed the man without permission. Chideha then used shadow tendril jutsu to grab all of the shuriken from their shadows.

Luckily for Chideha the jounin had listened to him and he and the 4 Chuunin went back to the village while Chideha caught up with his group. Later that night Chideha met a group of anbu while on watch. He was handed a signed piece of paper, relieving them of their mission, and the man was killed. While it may not have seemed like much, the way he had handled the situation was praised by the ninja council and from then on he started getting more difficult missions. He succeeded in most of them with a few missions being failed as to be expected of most anyone.

By 17 Chideha was a jounin and as a jounin he never failed a mission. By 18 he had learned a Weapon summoning technique. At age 20 he learned a deer summoning technique. This technique is not for fighting, but for relaying messages and sometimes transportation. Now at age 21 he has been named as a sensei for the upcoming genin and looks forward to training with them.

He has also recently gotten married to a beautiful, yet demanding young woman.

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PostSubject: Re: Nara Chideha ((Done))   Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:19 pm

Approved & Moved.

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Nara Chideha ((Done))
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