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 Gin Genin(done)

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PostSubject: Gin Genin(done)   Tue May 31, 2011 5:56 pm

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Name: Gin
Nindo: To do what I want
Age: 13
Gender: male

Seemingly a stick in the wind, Gin is a thin young man with white hair and pale skin. His clothes consist of a shirt and shorts, both blue. He wears typical shinobi sandles. His eye color is brown, and he always has a grin on his face. He weighs about 100 lbs. and is approximatly 5 feet tall. His eyes are normally very nerrow, almost closed, to where it is almost impossible to determine if he is able to see anything. He has sharp eyes that catch things easily, but when he's not paying attention he can easily loose a target. His hair reaches acorss his forehead and is strait. His nimble body is perfecctly designed to weild a weapon, rather than use Taijutsu.
Personality: Gin appears to be a quiet person who thinks rather than acts. He has little problem staying calm in battle, and often can keep a fake smile on his face. Although he acts calm and collectivve, he is very hidden with his motives and goals. He is normally a kind young man who appears to be gental, but his true personality is darker. Gin isn't affraid to kill, and death deosn't scare him asmuch as it does other people. While talking to people, Gin is able to think quickly for his next statment; he has talent for manipulating people into doing what he wanted them to do. His dark personality is hidden by a nice young man who would do anything for a friend. He keeps people at a distance from himself, and not often will he make any friends. Gin shows talent for diplomacy and uses his talent often to get himself out of trouble, or to get what he wants.

Rank: Genin
Village: Leaf
Chakra Affinity: Lightning
Second Chakra Affinity: Fire(offical, not achieved)
Third Chakra Affinity: Water(offical, not achieved)
  • Kenjutsu
  • Ninjutsu(offical, not achieved)
  • Fuuinjutsu(offical, not achieved)


Kunai 10
Shuriken 10
Wire 10 feet
Paper Bombs 5
Wooden Sword


- More of style than a jutsu, Zanjutsu is the art of cutting like ribbons. It often aims from the vital points of the body, and the fluid motions used in Zanjutsu are fast with jutsu capable techniques used to deal real damage. At C rank combat, Zanjutsu incorperates the tactices used to deal damge; body flicker technique can be used in conjucntion to hastily attack a target without them knowing it even happened, however eyes trained to watch body flciker speeds, can track Zanjutsu. At B rank Zanjutsu incorperates elements intot eh mix, to add additional damage to it's style. At A rank, the user's speed and elemental talent are reffined to create Zanjutsu Branches for personal Style. At S rank, the user is a master of Zanjutsu and already has jutsu created and perfeccted to cut a foe to ribbons. The user's speed, endurance, and elements, are heavily mixed into Zanjutsu; this is to keep the user's level of mastery at their rank.
- Handseals: N/A
- Rank: C-S
- Effect: Cutting Tendons/Organs/body parts.

When Gin's mother was dieing, her son was left to the leaf village. She wasn't a shinobi, but her small town was destroyed by shinobi. She had been rapped and left for dead, it took her 9 months to get to the leaf village, but by then she was too weak to survive child birth. She couldn't leave her son to die, so as her last wish, she wanted him to become a strong man with talents and abilities no other man could have. When Gin was introduced to the village, they put him into the shinobi academy at an early age.

In the Academy Gin was bullied, because of his small size and body. Although his skills were above his older companions, Gin was inferior to them in personality. He was beat up often and he lived on his own with no figures to look up to. One day, he was walking through the village, when the same bullies were around the corner. Gin was attacked by them, but someone stepped in. An old man with the excellent sword abilities paralyzed the bullies by slicing up their non fatal, weak points. The bullies were so scared, by the man, they never approched Gin. This secret figure passed on his knowledge of kenjutsu to Gin, who found that kenjutsu wasn't as difficult as it looked. While attending the Academy, Gin took Kenjutsu Classes afterward with the old man. He was taught the Zanjutsu Style, during that time, which has served him better than Ninjutsu. When the Graduation Exam came around, Gin passed as one of the few 7 year olds to reach genin level. His teachers where astonished that he could learn so quickly, but they did not place him into a team. They wanted Gin to Mature before he was put into a team with genin, but during that time he practiced more Kenjutsu from the old man.

6 years later, Gin became a very well practiced shinobi in the art of Kenjutsu. Although Zanjutsu is an advance branch of Kenjutsu, Gin was able to train it as his own. (genin arc short because he is genin, and not much can be added.)

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Gin Genin(done)
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