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PostSubject: Itazura   Tue May 31, 2011 1:26 pm

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Name: Hiyama Itazura
Nindo: “Later, when I’m strong like a kage, I’ll make my own shinobi village, and it will be perfect!”
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Black and dark-blue are a recurring color among Itazura’s outfit. He typically wears black and blue, stripped pants typical to Kiri and a dark-blue shirt that leaves his torso exposed. He wears bandages across his lower torso. His hair is blonde and spiky, with one large bang falling over the side of his face. He has an ordinary height and a rather plain build; Not scrawny, but not overly muscular either.


“I want to travel east of Mizu no Kuni and create my own shinobi country!”

That would be his reply if you’d ask Itazura about his future ambitions. Naïve and happy go-lucky, this strange young man is extremely optimistic, believing anything can be achieved as long as enough effort is given. Having lead a life void of any complicated problems, Itazura never had any roadblocks. And being a modestly talented shinobi, he always had little problems getting good grades. That is why he truly believes that he will be able to create a peaceful utopia where peace is everlasting. It is to be noted, however, that Itazura is about to step into the cruel, unforgiving shinobi world. How long his sunny view on life will persist when the dark reality is faced, is something that will soon be found out.

Socially, Itazura is cheerful, naïve, wise-cracking and a bit of a teaser. He likes to lighten up the situation with a wise-cracking comment or a joke or two. He is typically smiling, however his naïve personality may also mean he can take negative responses or feelings toward him a bit too seriously, even if it is just a fleeting moment of annoyance. This makes him end up apologizing a lot.

Part of him does like to tease people, however. This is usually in the form of a nickname or perverted comments towards girls (he is a tad perverted himself) just to freak them out. Although it hardly ever gets him into any “real” trouble, there has been one account on which he jokingly called Terumi Mei “Christmas cake-sama”, a Christmas cake being a Japanese saying for an unmarried woman past marriageable age, not knowing this is a bit of a sensitive spot for the Mizukage. As a result, the normally kind Mizukage invited him to her office, alone. Whatever happened is uncertain, as whenever someone asks Itazura, his face will turn pale and he will quickly change the subject.

Rank: Genin
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Chakra Affinity: Suiton
Second Chakra Affinity:
Third Chakra Affinity: Only at S-Rank

  • Genjutsu

10 Kunai
10 Shuriken
5 Explosive Tags
Razor-sharp Wire
20 Senbon



Itazura had a rather untroubled youth. Growing up with normal, loving parents, no one would’ve guessed the boy would enter academy instead of becoming a mason like his father. The decision that he wanted to become a shinobi was completely his own. At the time, the reason for him deciding to become a shinobi was that he greatly looked up to the kage of the village and wanted to be like him, loved by almost everyone and in charge of a country. It sounded, simply said, cool.

So although the parents were a bit iffy at first, they figured their son had the right to pick his own path, even if it was a deadly one, and let him enter academy. In his very first year the boy already showed a natural talent for Genjutsu. His ninjutsu was decent and his taijutsu was bad, but his genjutsu was extremely good due to the fact that he frequently practiced it by using it for pranks.

His overly cheerful attitude quickly earned him many friends, but also made the teachers fear for the moment he would come into real contact with the dark, unforgiving shinobi world. Now, freshly graduated, that moment draws closer and closer. Will the boy’s sunny, optimistic persona endure the cold and harsh world? Only time will tell.

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