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 Katsumi, Akira

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PostSubject: Katsumi, Akira   Mon May 30, 2011 9:14 pm

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Name: Katsumi, Akira (Translation; Bright Beautiful Victory)
Nindo: "Live life as if every day was your last and never give up. As long as you remain standing, fight for your dream and your comrades!"
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Akira is a slender, small and petite girl who stands at 4'8". Her hair is long and reaches past her shoulder-blades; and the colour is a deep violet colour. Despite her eyes being the same colour in the picture, her eyes are brown/ hazel-ish in colour.
She always wears the outfit as shown in the picture though; sometimes with different colours to mix things up a bit. When she is off duty and simply around the village, she resorts to wearing more casual clothing like skirts and plain shirts. She will wear dresses on the odd occasion and if she feels like it.
To sum Akira up on one word, it would be difficult indeed. She's always lively, bubbly and packed full of optimism on a day to day basis and it takes a lot for her to become sad or depressed. She has a steady temper and it takes a lot to provoke her, but once she had lost her temper, it is wise to stay as far away from her as possible while she takes her anger out on inaminate objects near her. She is a friendly person who will always be on the look-out for friends, but isn't too willing to let anyone become close to her straight away. They have to prove their worth and show they won't hurt Akira before she lets them become close to her. She will put her life on the line for her true friends, and would rather receive pain than see her comrades be put through it. She also has a small phobia of crying, and will do everything to stop herself crying; or make up excuses about why she is crying. She hates to be seen as weak, and she feels crying makes her a weak person.

Akira is a very determined girl, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals and aspirations. Her main dream is to become the Hokage; something that seemed unreachable a long time ago, but now seems more in reach.

Rank: Genin
Village: Konoha
Chakra Affinity: Raiton
Second Chakra Affinity:
Third Chakra Affinity:
  • Ninjutsu

~*~Kunai x10
~*~Shuriken x15
~*~Reels of Wire x3
~*~Exploding Tags x20
~*~Senbon x30
~*~Smoke Bombs x5
~*~Flash Bombs x5
~*~Demon Wind Shuriken x1

~D-Ranked Raiton Jutsu~

~C-Ranked Raiton Jutsu~

~Birth Arc~
Akira was born, and then left at an orphanage in Konoha soon afterwords. She was only a few hours old when a woman from the orphanage found her on the doorstep outside. It was later found out by the ANBU that a woman named Masami Katsumi and a man named Hayate Katsumi left Konoha shortly before Akira was found. After a bit more investigating, the pair had been under-cover Missing Ninja, and Masami had been pregnant too. People at the orphanage put two and two together and decided that Akira was the offspring of these two rogue ninja. They named her Akira simply because she looked bright and cheerful for even such a young baby, and the name seemed to suit her.

~Growing Up~
Akira was always a very loud, energetic and daring child that did anything to try and gain attention. Because of her being in the very crowded orphanage, nobody really had any time for her. So, she was forced to amuse herself. None of the other children liked her no matter how much she tried to make friends with them all. The supposed 'secret' of Akira's parents being Missing Ninja had leaked out, and everybody in the whole village knew about it. People often whispered amongst themselves whenever Akira walked past that she shouldn't be allowed in the village, andAkira was extremely confused about everything that happened. She was constantly bullied by the older kids in the orphanage, and she had to learn how to fend for herself from the early age of 5. Even though she was pushed around, beaten up and abused on a daily basis, she still managed to smile. Being an optimistic child, she always liked to look on the brighter side of things. She had a feeling that all this was happening so that it wouldn't happen later on in her life. That was how she thought for a little while, anyway.

After another year of her horrible existence at the orphanage, Akira started to demand why everybody hated her. She hadn't done anything wrong, and she was only trying to be nice to everybody. Yet they only threw it back in her face, quite literally. No-one would tell her, and even the orphanage mistresses glared and sneered at her stupidity. They often talked loudly among themselves why they had given Akira such a nice name when they could have used something a lot more fitting.

Akira's self-esteem was at an all time low. She no longer smiled or acted cheerful. Instead, she stayed away from the orphanage as much as possible. She mainly resorted to staying out at the park, playing by herself on the swings. Because the park near the orphanage was close to a training field, Akira would often watch the shinobi train or have spars. She became inspired to become the best shinobi ever. People would then have no other choice but to look up to her, respect her and no-body would even dare beat her up ever again. She'd be loved for who she was, and her amazing skills too. So, she set her sights on becoming the Hokage.

~Academy Arc~
Without the permission of the mistresses at the orphanage, Akira enrolled herself in the Ninja Academy so that her new-found dream could be realized. In truth, the mistresses didn't care what Akira did. They allowed her to do what she wanted unless she to show them cheek. On her very first day at the Academy, Akira claimed to her whole class that she would become the Hokage, and everybody laughed at her. Even her own sensei couldn't help but laugh. Everyone knew of her mother and father, so they too shared the common opinion of her around the village. Despite being ridiculed on her very first day, Akira worked hard to try and impress everyone. No matter what she did, however, it was never enough to gain her any respect.

She wouldn't be beaten yet, however. She kept working hard on all her skills, but primarily Ninjutsu since she held an affinity for that specialty. It even got to the point where all her basic Academy jutsu were perfect, and yet she never got any praise for it. Akira was beginning to lose all hope of becoming a shinobi.

She returned home to the orphanage one night late after her training, and went up to bed. She was immediately ganged up on by the oldest members of the orphanage and backed into a corner. These bullies were just brutes, and had no shinobi skill at all, so Akira held an advantage. They didn't know about her new-found skills. So when all three of them were beaten to a pulp and knocked out on the floor, they were sure to wake up and regret picking on Akira.

Akira was impressed with herself for finally being able to stand up for herself, but the mistresses were horrified. They banished Akira from the orphanage (because they really had the authority to do that), and she went on to get her own apartment by herself. She re-thought her plan and decided that if she gave up then everybody else would have won the battle. So yet again, her passion to become the Hokage awoke with more determination than ever before. Akira would achieve her dream no matter what happened.

~Theme Music~

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Katsumi, Akira
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