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 Hyuuga, Onito

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PostSubject: Hyuuga, Onito    Mon May 30, 2011 8:56 pm

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Name:Hyuuga, Onito [Japanese Format]
Nindo:"Lets not do this...shall we?"

Standing at 5'8, Onito is average height for someone his age. Still being new as a genin he has the normal pouches for kunai and shuriken, this is so when ever there is danger he is always ready for it. As all Hyuuga's have dark hair, this is no change for Onito, he has long black hair which goes down halfway off his back. Onito then has bandages wrapped around his arms so he can use them for battles.

Wearing a beige shirt which buttons up, this has many compartments which he can hold many things which may be of use to him. Also he wears the a black long sleeved top, which is quite baggy so he can move around as freely as he wishs without getting restrained. Going down he wears black three quarters which also have many compartments in so he can keep more stuff on his person.


Going to Onito's cloak, he wears this so he can hide his clothes underneath. The colour off the cloak is a dark grey, this is so when he is on a mission or going some where then he will not be seen as easy.

Being a genin, Onito is quite happy as many people do support him and love him. Even though being a ninja of a great country may be tiring, he is still able to put a smile of his face at the end of the day. When talking to people he speaks as they are the only person in the world and makes them feel special, he does this so people think highly of him.

Even though he is still genin, he still likes to think that he is important to the people around him. Onito tries to speak to as many people he can, if he can. This is so he can get to know the people who he is trying to save. Even though they don't really care for genin as they are just classed as pawns, but Onito's goal is to become very well known in Konoha and eventually around the world.

Rank: Genin
Village: Konohagakure
Chakra Affinity: Main: Wind |
Second Chakra Affinity: Sub: Lightning |
Third Chakra Affinity:
  • Taijutsu
  • Ninjutsu

  • Kunai x10
  • Shuriken x20
  • Explosive tags x13
  • Reels of wire x5
  • Smoke Bombs x 3

Basic Clan Information:

Hyuuga Clan!

Clan Jutsu:

Basic Jutsu:
Wind Jutsu:

Birth Arc
Being born in a little village in Konoha village Onito was a very smart kid for his age, he knew all about weapons as his father taught him how to handle them and what their names were. This put Onito above any other kid in the village, even though the kids did not fight that much. Many people still knew how to fight just in case they were to be attacked by others, Onito's father was the one who lived in that little place with byakugan.

When Onito was training with his father, Onito used his byakugan for the first time because of all the stress that his father put on his shoulders. In the tree's a kid was watching and told the village elders, they confronted his father and they was pushed out of that part of the village. But there was no worry's as Onito's father knew an apartment in the center of Konoha.

Academy Arc
After being in the center of the village for a few years, Onito was enrolled in the academy. His father got him in as his father use to be part of the village as well. Knowing a few jutsu already, Onito was above the others in his lesson, this made him feel proud but he did not make them feel as they were worse. Onito made many friends as he talked to people alot and he had a magnetic personality.

Exams were coming up and Onito was quite nervous, but he trained and trained until he did not feel nervous anymore. The day came and Onito passed with flying colours, he did not have the highest grade in the class but he still was proud to become a genin. This would mean he could help his family and village out. Next day he picked up his genin headwear and put it around his forehead.

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Hyuuga, Onito
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