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 Ogano Sven ((Ready for ya Ookami))

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PostSubject: Ogano Sven ((Ready for ya Ookami))   Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:39 pm

Name: Ogano Sven
Nindo: Preserve those around me to preserve a better future.
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Personality: Sven is 6'2" ((Or just over two meters, I'm a little rusty on conversions)) He is very well humored and very very energetic. He is so energetic and at times goofy that it would make people question his true ability as a ninja. He almost always is over-enthusiastic about missions regardless of how simple they may be. The only exception is on missions that he does not think are accomplishable. He is extremely loyal to his allies and family, and is a very dutiful and honorable ninja.

It is because of his honor and loyalty that he is the (or one of the) guard of the Tsuchikage. Another reason he is fit for this role is that while he is a skilled ninja, he is lacking in strategy. In this role, typically the strategy is not something he needs to worry about. While in this capacity, he takes his job VERY seriously, however due to his general personality he may not come across this way. Anyone that has spent some time with him will know this though.

Rank: Jounin
Village: Iwagakure
Chakra Affinity: Doton
Second Chakra Affinity: Suiton
Third Chakra Affinity:
  • Ninjutsu
  • Taijutsu


Kunai x4
Shuriken x20
Paper Bomb x2






Birth and the Event That Gave Him His Nindo

Sven was born in a turbulent time in his families life, his grandfather on his father's side was a very aggressive individual. He was also a good leader. Not good morally, but good at manipulating those around him to do what he wanted them to. They were actually in a land war with neighboring families and were trying to expand their own property for financial gain. As a child there was always a watch on duty at night to make sure that no one would attack them. By the time that Sven was 8 years old, his family had gained quite a bit of land, enough so that the grandfather had risen to the recognition comparable with a feudal lord.

The attack came at night, from the back of the building. The man chose for guard duty that night had been paid off so that he would sneak away when the moon was directly overhead. They number around one hundred and surrounded the building with torches. They didn't bother going in and pillaging it, they just set it on fire. Sven was woken up by his mother who got him up and had him follow her.

When they got to the exit it was on fire. His mother had him hold onto the back of her gown and run through it right behind her. She had acted like a human shield and fell to the ground just outside of the door. Sven cried and yelled out for help. It was long before one of the men who was with the group that had set the building on fire came over and put the fire out that was on his mother by smothering it with his coat.

Sven and his mother were the only two that survived the fire that day with the exception of the guard that had been payed off. Sven's mother ended up with bad scars from the fire, but she never died of them. Sven and his mother had been taken in and cared for by the family of the men who had attacked their home. In truth, the land they had been staying on had been passed through another families members for generations, but Sven's grandfather had taken a liking to it and then he had took it over. They spent two years with the family before earning enough money from working at a general store to be able to afford to move.

The Decision to Become a Ninja, and the Early Training

Life went smoothly with them for quite a while, but Sven's family history had always bothered him. After all, surely he wasn't the only one who had been stuck in a meaningless circle of trading life for land and wealth. At the age of 12 he made up his mind, he needed to find a way to make a difference. Many people had lived lives worse than his, and even if he could save just one person from that fate, it would be worth it. He started training daily in basic taijutsu.

On one day, a man passed through, he was skilled in many things, including something called Ninjutsu. Sven bugged the man to train him until he finally gave in, so Sven packed up and travelled with him. His new sensei was tough, and the training was tougher, but through an almost unhealthy amount of determination he started picking up techniques, both in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. His Sensei was impressed at how well Sven picked things up and eventually it got to the point where he had nothing left to teach him. It was then that Sven's sensei left him, telling him, "Be true to yourself, find your own ninja way and live by it."

After the training with his sensei Sven returned home to find that his mother had passed from an illness. He made the decision to go and wander around, looking for places he may be able to aid. In his journey he learned quickly that it is not always easy to tell who is right and who is wrong in situations. He also learned that he had been naive about people's honesty. It only happened once but he did find himself on the wrong side of a battle due to lies.

The Will of Stone and Iwagakure

Sven was around 25 when he first heard of The Will of Stone, an idealism set forth by a man who was named Daichi Ookami, the Tsuchikage. At first he brushed it aside as idealism and nothing more than that, but as time went on it was more and more popular. He thought of what he had heard it meant, spreading peace through intelligence, trust, and strength. The more Sven thought about it, the more he liked it. In his mind he interpretted it as the following.

Strength: The strength to be able to protect those around you, not just yourself.

Trust: The ability to have people that you trust, to lessen the burdens of life.

Intelligence: The ability to determine who you should trust, who you should protect, and how to use your strength.

Sven decided that he should try to meet this man, if permitted, so he headed out for Iwagakure. When he got there he was surprised how organized everything was. This definately was not someone dreaming about an idealism, this was someone putting it into practice. After having met Ookami in person he decided that he seemed like an honest person, he might have seemed a little.... emotionless, but nonetheless he seemed honest. He decided to join into the Iwa ranks as a ninja and it was decided that he should start out as a Jounin because of the skills he already possessed.

They found out quickly though, that while he was good as working with others and fiercely loyal, he suffered greatly in strategy. It wasn't long before someone suggested he be put in the position of either a messenger or guard. To the surprise of many, he was chosen to be personal guard of the Tsuchikage himself. At first they had a hard time coping their totally opposite personalities, but over time they learned how to deal with it. In truth, now that they've gotten used to each other ((relatively speaking of course)), Sven considers the Tsuchikage as a friend, though it may not be a mutual feeling.

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PostSubject: Re: Ogano Sven ((Ready for ya Ookami))   Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:29 pm

Bump cuz I'm done.
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PostSubject: Re: Ogano Sven ((Ready for ya Ookami))   Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:24 am

Well done Sven, well made application.


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PostSubject: Re: Ogano Sven ((Ready for ya Ookami))   

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Ogano Sven ((Ready for ya Ookami))
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